DOLLY Award Rules 2020/2021


Article 1. The MATTADOR Cultural Association organises the 7th DOLLY International Award “Screenwriting with Pictures” dedicated to Matteo Caenazzo, a young talented artist from Trieste who passed away prematurely on 28th June 2009 while studying and working with the aim of embarking on a career as a screenwriter.
The Award aims at discovering and promoting young talents who decide to start a professional and artistic career in screenwriting. It is intended to encourage the writing of stories by using images that should be a captivating and moving, in line with Matteo’s keen perception of the modern world, conveying the idea of ironic, synthetic and razor-sharp art which Matteo freely expressed in his lifestyle and artistic evolution.

Article 2. DOLLY Award “Screenwriting with Pictures” is open to Italian and foreign drawers, illustrators, film-makers and concept designers from 16 to 30, i.e. aged 16 and under 30 by 15th April 2021. The Award is aimed at stimulating young authors who have a narrative and artistic ability to portray a story visually. 

Article 3. Each participant may submit a maximum of one work. Only original and unpublished works will be accepted, which means they have not been produced, published or awarded a prize before this Competition. The subject is free. 

Article 4. The images used to illustrate the plot should be the creative starting point in view of implementing a movie project. They should consist in a set of sketches and/or drawings which convey an idea of the characters, settings and situations to be channelled later into the film project and screenplay. The plates may be accompanied by descriptions, notes and a short synopsis. The plates may be drawn up by using any manual or digital technique, in b&w or colour. The set of pictures shall include a minimum of three to a maximum of ten plates and shall be laid out in an A4 pdf file. 

Article 5. Works shall be submitted in the Italian version and/or in the original version with a translation into Italian. 

Article 6. Works must to be sent online starting from 15th February 2021on a dedicated platform whose operating procedures will be provided before the above-mentioned date. Works must be received by 15th April 2021.
A subscription fee of 20 Euros is required.
The digital version must bear only the title with no reference to the author. The digital work will be accompanied by a signed application form for acceptance and a copy of the ID card. The relevant procedures will be published on the website by 15th February 2021.

Article 7. By sending the script, the author accepts the present Competition Rules. The Organising Committee and the MATTADOR Cultural Association disclaim all responsibility or cost deriving from the existence of copyrights owed to any third party.The applicants authorise the organisers of the DOLLY International Award “Screenwriting with Pictures” to include theirworks in a collection and/or a catalogue or book and/or in an exhibition.

Article 8. The Competition will assign the DOLLY AWARD for the Best Story Portrayed through Pictures. The winner will receive a “Training Grant” and will be assisted by professional tutors in developing his/her story along a personalised pathway based on his/her original idea, by drawing up a professional dossier illustrating a film or animation project. At the conclusion of the training programme, depending on the commitment and the result obtained, the tutors will decide whether to award an additional prize of 1,000 Euros (one thousand Euros)*. 

Article 9. The Jury, made up of cinema professionals, artists and cultural operators, has the right not to award a prize and/or to assign one or more special mentions. The Jury’s judgement is unquestionable. 

Article 10. The Award Ceremony for the DOLLY Competition will take place on Saturday 17th July 2021 in the Sale Apollinee at La Fenice Theatre, Venice.


The Organising Committee


*Subject to withholding tax under Article 30 of Presidential Decree DPR 29/9/73 n.600