Mattador International Screenwriting Award

The MATTADOR Award is directed to screenwriters and more generally to anybody who wishes to write screenplays. The award is aimed at promoting young writers under 30 years of age and is dedicated to an eclectic and talented young man from Trieste. Before his premature death, on June 28, 2009, Matteo Caenazzo’s future as a screenwriter was taking shape, fuelled by his great care and deep enthusiasm.

The Award was instituted with the intention of supporting young talents who choose movie screenwriting as their professional and artistic path, helping them to emerge and show their true value. It is an invitation to write screenplays that succeed in telling captivating and exciting stories, in harmony with Matteo’s original concept, his awareness of expressing himself, whether in writing or when cultivating all of the other art forms he experimented with, with genuine passion and a free-spirited approach.